Board of Directors, T-E Pharma Holding


Dr. Tse-Wen Chang, Chairman

Please see Founder.


Mr. Jung-Chin Lin, Director

He has over the last 20 years transformed the Center Laboratories Inc. into a biotech and pharmaceutical investment house with a diverse portfolio, including Mycenax Biotech, Lumosa Therapeutics, Adimmune Corp., TOT Biopharma, Jacobio Pharmaceutical Group, and many others. 

Mr. Lin serves as a chairman, director, advisor in many of his portfolio companies. He values innovative technologies and envisions antibody drug conjugates, cell therapy, and genetic therapy to play import roles in pharmaceutical industry. 

Mr. Lin received B.Sc. degree in pharmacy from Taipei Medical University and was recognized with an honorary doctorate degree by the same university.

Mr. Shang-Hung Shen, Director

Mr. Shen is serving as the Chairman of TA YA Electrical Wire and Cable Co., a reputable, very established company in the field. He is also serving as the Chairman of TA YA Venture Capital Co. Before assuming the Chairmanship in TA YA, he worked as a manager in AT&T. 

TA YA Venture placed all investments in communication industry and green energy in earlier periods, but has shifted half of the capital to biotech and pharmaceutical industry in recent years. Mr. Shen emphasizes nurturing corporate culture and employees’ health/welfare and education. 

He received B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University and MBA from Emory University.

Ms. Audrey Tseng, Director

Ms. Tseng is an Honorary Deputy Chairman of PwC Taiwan, a member of BioTaiwan Committee, an advisor to BioTReC of Academia Sinica, and an advisor to Ministry of Health and Welfare. 

With over 35 years of experience as a Taiwan-licensed CPA, she has assisted numerous biopharma and medtech companies in financial management and public listing in Taiwan. She has also served advisory roles for some of these companies to go IPO in overseas markets. 

Ms. Tseng received an MBA from the joint Executive Program of Fudan University and National Taiwan University, and a Master of Commerce from National Chengchi University.

Mr. William Hung, Director

Mr. Hung has more than 25 years of experience in healthcare industry. He served as a CEO, director, supervisor, or executive in Tanvex Taiwan, CHC Healthcare Holding, Swissray Global, H&Q APBME and several VC firms, and hospitals in Taiwan and abroad. In such roles he was responsible for helping the organizations with founding, investment, management, IPO and M&A activities. 

Recently, he was invited by National Cheng Kung University, National Biotechnology Research Park and the Development Center for Biotechnology as a Chair of Innovation or Advisor to promote new enterprises and academia-industry interaction. 

Mr. Hung got his M.Sc. in immunology from National Taiwan University.